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Large (HVLS) Ceiling Fans in the Winter Reduces Costs of HVAC up to 33%

Contrary to popular belief, Large HVLS ceiling fans are an ideal association with all sorts of cooling systems as opposed to air conditioning. It is energy efficient with a smaller upfront cost and carries out an extensively even distribution of air columns throughout facilities of any size.
Conditioning upon the nature of its execution, an HVLS ceiling fan can be used to either cool down an otherwise heat-intensive environment or vice versa. The former is known to most: the evaporative cooling of sweat, leading one to experience a gentle breeze. The latter, perhaps, is an unheard-of use.

Use of Ceiling Fans in winter

For thorough implementation by the system to warm up the environment, one must first ensure the fan settings’ customization. By default, the fans rotate in a manner of counterclockwise direction, pushing air down and cooling. In an otherwise circumstance, the fan is to be made to rotate clockwise. Doing so binds the blades to send large masses of air columns upwards. Areas closer to the ceiling tend to be warmer. Upon contact, the air too warms up and is then redirected towards the surface to equalize the contrasting temperatures. On account of its repetitive execution, the room begins to get warm. With the aid of said mechanism, thermal destratification is effectively carried out.

Making the Right Choice

Your fan of choice must be proportionate to your purpose and area of a designated place. It is also essential to settle for an energy-efficient fan, the finest of options being the humungous HVLS fans. Their incorporation of steady motors and an unconventional take over the blade structure helps reduce costs to about 33%. HVLS, being an energy-star rated system, barely costs a few cents per hour. Beyond all other considerations, with the association of adjustable thermostats, one can easily keep energy costs under surveillance while ensuring comfort.

Energy Consumption and Costs

Through common consent, experts have agreed upon the energy efficiency that can be associated with HVLS fans, especially with regards to the winter season. As the colder months approach, turn down the thermostat on your HVAC system and let the fans work their magic. A typical HVLS fan is made to incorporate a 7 to 24 feet wingspan. Such a structural approach provides the system with exhaustive coverage. This exposure is fundamental to the extensive distribution of air throughout the expanse. The reason is that the air column generated by the blades will always be found equivalent to their size. Therefore, with such minimal energy consumption, one could conceivably regard it as an ideal choice.
It is unwise to leave the fans operating while being absent from the room. Not only does it add up to unnecessary finances, but it also happens to be futile. An HVLS fan is incapable of molding the temperatures of its surroundings. In union with our body’s natural cooling system, it only regulates our sensitivity towards specific temperatures.
The use of ceiling fans also eliminates most potential investments with regards to cooling systems. In opposition to all its rivals, an HVLS demands no exorbitant maintenance facilities and presents itself with an uncomplicated installation process.

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