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Welcome to Humongous Fan?

Who are we? Well, click on "About Us" & learn more.

Why a Humongous Fan? We have a superior blade design, improved efficiency and best of all... great pricing! Click here for the whole story of how we came to build a superior solution to a common problem.

energy efficient industrial ceiling fan

What do we make? Like the name says, we make HUMONGOUS FANS! Exactly how big? We offer High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans in THREE diameters, 12 ft (3.65 meters), 16 ft (4.9 meters) & 20 ft (6.1 meters) Full dimension prints can be found on "Products."

Why buy a Humongous Fan? Well, are you tired of those huge bills from the gas or electric company each month? Of course you are...unless you own lots of stock in these companies and the dividends make it easier to pay for heating or cooling your company. Do you have a large space with ceilings that are higher than 20 ft? So, you have a warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing plant, gymnasium or really big living room. Do you want to make your employees more comfortable while they are working? When they are more comfortable, your productivity levels will increase, they will be less fatigued, and make less (costly!) mistakes. How can all of these things come together? You make the decision to install a fan. But not just any fan. Not your off-the-BIG-BOX-store-shelf ceiling fan (more on that later), and certainly not an ordinary big fan, but a HVLS fan from Humongous Fan!

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